Caffe Viale opened on December 1st, 2005 as one of Portland, Oregon's few locally owned and operated cafes in the heart of the Downtown Business District. Our history in the local food and coffee industry proudly spans some 20+ years and we are so thankful to our friends, whom we have shared and learned from throughout those years.
All of us at Caffe Viale strive daily to offer our customers an amazing experience. We look for the freshest, local ingredients with which we prepare our in house menus. We look for the best bakers and suppliers to help us bring you amazing offerings. We train and educate ourselves continually to adhere to our commitment to serve truly Italian style coffee, roasted by third generation Italian coffee roasters.
With our eye on local produce and our pursuit of traditional practices we find much inspiration from the coffee houses and patisseries of Mainland Europe. We find great comfort in Italian tradition, and our menus will always appeal to a well traveled pallet.
Healthy living requires healthy relations. Someone special to receive from. Someone special to give to. Someone special to share with. Thank you for sharing with us!